Dr. Kedar Prasad

Dr. Kedar N. Prasad earned a PhD in radiation biology from the University of Iowa and joined Brookhaven National laboratory for post-doctoral training. He then joined the University of Colorado Medical School where he became professor and director of Vitamins and Cancer research. In 1982, he was the first to show that vitamin E succinate can be used to kill cancer cells. He also demonstrated the novel concept that multiple antioxidants are more effective in killing tumor cells than individual antioxidants.

He has published over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 25 books in the areas of nutrition and cancer, and nutrition and neurological diseases – particularly Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. These studies, supported by the National Institute of Health, were published in prestigious journals including Science, Nature, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Dr. Prasad has received several honors, including: an invitation by the Nobel Prize Committee to nominate a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 1982; best review of 1998-1999 on antioxidants and cancer; best review of 1999-2000 on antioxidants and Parkinson’s disease; and best research paper of 2001-2002 on antioxidants and statin drugs, all from the American College of Nutrition. He is former president of International Society of Nutrition and Cancer.

Dr. Gerald Haase

As such, he is responsible for the clinical aspects of PMC’s research and for the development of the government programs of PMC. He is also clinical professor of surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Colorado. He received a BA degree from Johns Hopkins University and an MD degree from Tufts University School of Medicine where he was awarded graduate honors in medical research. His postgraduate training was at the University of Colorado, the Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston, and the Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. He was chairman of pediatric surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and consultant pediatric surgeon to the Department of the Army.

Dr. Haase has been active in clinical research trials for three decades including the development of novel strategies for antioxidant micronutrient therapy for war fighter protection against hazardous exposures, for certain chronic conditions, and for optimal health. Dr. Haase is the author or co-author of 175 scientific publications. He holds eight U.S. patents for antioxidant micronutrient therapy and is the recipient of clinical research grants and contracts funded at a multi-million-dollar cumulative level.

The Expert: Kedar N. Prasad Ph.D

The DOD enlisted Dr. Parasd and his team of experts. They were tasked with answering the simple question, can we make the best better? Dr. Kedar Prasad headed up the project. Armed with over $23 Million dollars in funding these top scientists partnered with the DOD, NASA and several top academic institutions from all over the world to find the answer.

Dr. Kedar Prasad